Thursday, August 11, 2011

Read-Alouds with Rhythm

We were all raised with the rhyme and rhythm of Dr. Seuss.  Here are some more recent additions to the world of cats in hats and red and blue fishes.

I Ain't Gonna Paint No More by Karen Beaumont is sure to get your young story-time attendees giggling.   Encourage them to paint with their imaginations while a naughty boy creates a mess between the pages.  The pictures are delightful and the cadence and rhymes will have the kids bouncing on the rug.  Beaumont's Baby Danced the Polka is great for smaller crowds as well, with lift-up flaps, dancing stuffed animals, and lines that make you bob your head involuntarily.  Both books are ALA Notable Children's Books for Young Readers. If you like these glossy, colorful romps try out Louella Mae, She's Run Away, which has all the charm of the first two titles along with a surprise ending that will have the kids gasping.

The Ravenous Beast, by Niamh Sharkey chronicles a group of hungry hungry animals as they one-up each other with their hyperbolic claims of impending starvation and their lists of rhyming, rhythmical items that they wish to consume.  I have seen this whimsically illustrated book inspire precocious vocabulary growth, with kindergarteners begging their parents for dinner because they are just soooooo ravenous they can hardly stand it!

Iza Trapani's song storybooks are a big hit, with multiple verses of I'm a Little Teapot, The Itsy-Bitsy Spider and Jinglebells always ready to rock your classroom or library. 
Happy reading!  I can barely keep my foot from tapping as I consider your future read-aloud fun.

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