Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Women's fiction - Fun New Release

Gail Carriger's Parasol Protectorate series re-imagines Queen Victoria's England into a light and grin-able kingdom in which steam-punk collides with the supernatural.  Her fourth installment, Heartless, is hot off the presses; number five, Timeless, is coming at us in March of 2012. 

The books center on Alexia, an unfortunate Lady of good breeding who was born without the usually requisite soul.  She makes up for her soullessness by carefully attending to manors and decorum like a manic junior league version of Buffy, introductions just so while ensuing that all supernatural threats to the British Empire are neatly sidestepped.  Her soullessness supports a character that will remind you of TV's Tempe Brennan, translated from Kathy Reich's semi-autobiographical mysteries. 

Carriger creates romance that mocks the swooners and supernatural protagonists whom live through the afterlife permanently tongue in cheek,  surrounded by wacky steam driven contraptions of torture and entertainment.  Take the protectorate with you on your next dirigible float for some witty entertainment and well-manored foolishness.

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